Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Tam's Pursuit

He could smell him on the wind--the man who was a traitor; the man he wanted to rip limb from limb. And he smelled her as well. The woman's sweet perfume entwined with the traitor's putrid scent, rising from the ground in waves. Bounding through the snow, his black paws demolished their pristine tracks, but he didn't care.

They were close.

He'd found their stink in the cave not too far away, and he knew they'd just left it. He also knew that if he pushed himself, he could catch them. Roaring, he pounced, landing on a blanket that was still warm. Within seconds, nothing but shreds remained. She'd been wearing it. Her scent was unmistakable.

Never before had Tam been filled with the desire to kill and to mate at the same time. It had been so long--so very long since he'd felt a woman underneath him, and he knew if he continued on, he would be able to satiate both of his desires. But for now, he remained in his shifted state, his golden eyes flashing in the moonlight. Bounding across the snow, he could almost taste them, their scent was so strong.

Then, not more than mere yards ahead of him, he saw a road with a car stopped in the middle of it. The bastard was going to escape!

Urging his body beyond its limits, Tam raced for all he was worth to catch them before the car sped into the night, but as the sleek black panther leapt onto the highway, he could already see the car's taillights fading into the distance.

Rage boiled inside of him and he screamed, his howl echoing off the surrounding hills as he chased the car in vain. He would soon find Noah Carpenter--wherever he went--and he would kill him. Noah might think he could run, but Tam knew he couldn't hide.

Not when he belonged to B*E*A*S*T*.


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