Thursday, June 17, 2010

Oh No He Didn't...

Rogan: "That son of a bitch! Noah, I swear to Christ I'm going to kick that boy's ass when I see him again."

Noah: "Get in line. Jet and Trevor have already left looking for him."

Rogan: "Gadammit! When will these guys ever learn? We're not superhuman."

Wade: "Uh, yeah, we kinda are."

Rogan: "Shut the hell up, Cougar. Who's talking to you?"

Noah: "Calm down, Wolfe. Mac might be an idiot but he's not stupid."

Rogan: "He went to the Everglades by himself, Noah."

Noah: "I know."

Rogan: "To the third B*E*A*S*T* compound."

Noah: "I know."

Rogan: "I think he's pretty damned stupid! He has no back up. He has no friggin' plan. All he has is a few tranqs and some of that serum that makes it so we can't shift for a few hours."

Wade: "He knows Lucian's safeword. At least he can say that if he gets ambushed by shifters."

Rogan: "Again, who's talking to you?"

Noah: "Rogan, don't be an ass."

Rogan: "No, seriously. We had to clean up Wade's mess, as I recall. Went in guns-a-blazin' just like our boy Mac."

Wade: "And Noah didn't? Or what about you, Mr. Wolfe? Huh? When you found out you had a wife, nothing could have stopped you from claiming her."

Rogan: "Yeah, but she wasn't at a heavily-guarded B*E*A*S*T* compound!"

Wade: "True, but you lead Sean right to her. Blew her house to Kingdom Come. That was a smooth move."

Noah: "Guys, guys, look. We've all got baggage. Robyn is Mac's baggage. He hasn't claimed her, but damn, she might as well be his mate. We've all seen the way he is around her. I don't blame him for not wanting to wait for us to make up our minds on how to storm the place. We were dragging our feet."

Rogan: "We were trying to find a tactical way in without getting our asses handed to us and thrown back into a cell for reprogramming."

Wade: "Have a little faith in the guy, Rogan. He knows what he's doing. He took down the compound in Oregon without us."

Rogan: "With the help of Jet and Trevor!"

Noah: "And Robyn."

Rogan: "All right, fine, fine. He knows what he's doing, I'll give you that much. But if B*E*A*S*T* doesn't kill the bastard, I will."


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